Our Services

Welcome Home Inspections LLC offers an array of services to meet the needs of our customers. These are not "one size fits all" services so please contact us for pricing and availability!

Full Home Inspection

Welcome Home Inspections will provide a visual inspection of all the major components of your home. We will go over everything we discover - good or bad - and answer any questions you may have. 

Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally occurring gas, however, high levels in the home are dangerous to your health. A radon test is completed by leaving testing capsules in the basement of a home. Once the test is completed, the samples will be brought to a lab to determine the levels of radon in the basement. 

Water Testing

Potability and flow rate are two separate but important things to know. During the inspection, samples will be collected and brought to a lab to have the composition tested. 

Lead Testing 

Lead paint was used in homes before 1978 and is known to be toxic. Properly encapsulated lead paint is not considered a health hazard. The only sure way to know if lead paint is exposed is to test the surface in question.