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Identify Any Warning Signs In Your House

Hire a certified home inspector in the Middletown, CT area

Unfortunately, not all homes are what they appear to be. Some hide unseen problems, but Welcome Home Inspections, LLC is here to identify complications you might be missing. Our home inspection company is proud to provide top-notch inspections to Middletown, CT and surrounding areas.

Have an older home on your hands? Our certified home inspector has a passion for working with historic properties. We know all about pre-civil war homes and historical preservation projects, so don't hesitate to let us take a look at your property.

We leave no stone unturned

We inspect all kinds of home features, from roofs to basements. You can get water testing, radon testing or full-home inspection services to check for issues like:

Safety concerns

Major and minor deficiencies

Harmful environmental contaminants

We'll even give you home-preservation tips, so you can prolong the life of your house. Speak with a specialist today to schedule home inspection services.

Why are home inspections so important?

Knowledge is power, so it's helpful to know as much as possible about your home. You need help from a certified home inspector to:

  • Ensure your home is a good investment
  • Understand the maintenance needs of your home
  • Uncover issues that homeowners aren't trained to see

You're sure to benefit from our superior eye for detail and honest approach. Call us now at 860-657-6049 to team up with our local home inspection company.